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Why learn Spanish in Arab countries

Spanish is a universal language and knowing how to speak it will give you great advantages. In today's text we talk about the main ones.

WeSmartly 05 July, 21
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Improve English pronunciation

Learning to pronounce a language correctly can be difficult, but not impossible. And with our tips you can learn much faster than you think.

WeSmartly 02 July, 21
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American encryption chord types

Learning music is not as difficult as many people think, especially after the creation of the American cipher. Learn about it and learn how to read sheet music.

WeSmartly 30 June, 21
Selectividad second chance exams

With our advice you will be able to prepare yourself in the best possible way to take your university entrance exams and get into your dream university.

WeSmartly 28 June, 21
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Improve Spanish pronunciation

If you are learning Spanish and you want to improve your Spanish pronunciation we will give you a series of tips to achieve it so come in and get to know them

WeSmartly 25 June, 21
Apps to study

Study Apps are ideal to avoid distractions during study time so you can make the most of it and improve your academic performance.

WeSmartly 23 June, 21
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Advantages of preparing for the Selectividad with a private tutor

Preparing for the Selectividad with a private tutor will allow you to enjoy incredible advantages that will be of great help for this important exam.

WeSmartly 21 June, 21
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Be a teacher in a time of pandemic

The way we live and work has changed a lot because of the Covid-19 pandemic. And one of the jobs that has changed the most is that of the teacher.

WeSmartly 18 June, 21
Differences between Latin American Spanish and Spanish from Spain

The way the same language is spoken in both regions changes in several aspects. Today we will talk about their main differences.

WeSmartly 16 June, 21
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How to calculate the monetary value of a piano lesson?

Starting piano lessons is a great way to make money. If you want to learn how to price your piano lessons we can help you.

WeSmartly 14 June, 21
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