Private Tutors
Is it worth offering private lessons?

For many teachers and young professionals, tutoring has become an alternative to improve their income.

WeSmartly 19 April, 23
Corporate Training
Importance of staff training

The training process shapes employees' thinking and leads to quality job performance. So, Invest in your staff and enhance their skills.

WeSmartly 13 March, 23
Professional Development
English for programmers and engineers

Learning English for developers is essential to increase your chances of getting a better position.

WeSmartly 16 November, 22
Private Tutors
The importance of videos in education

In this article we will review the importance of videos in education and some of the best video-based learning platforms.

WeSmartly 04 November, 22
Private Tutors
Books to help you become a great private tutor

A good tutor must be flexible and take advantage of the resources offered by technology and those that can be found at home.

WeSmartly 21 October, 22
Private Tutors
Basic Phrases in Russian

If you are going to travel or just like the language, you need to start learning the basic phrases. That's why today we're going to teach you some of the most common ones.  

WeSmartly 12 July, 22
healthy lifestyle
Benefits of eating healthy and how a dietitian can help you

Food is an important part of our life. For this reason, we tell you about the benefits of maintaining a balanced diet.

WeSmartly 21 January, 22
Private Tutors
Basic French vocabulary

It is important to take French courses, which will be useful for you to get along well in any of the French-speaking countries.

WeSmartly 09 December, 21
Physics classes for kids

Physics classes, when given passionately is one of the most fun subjects out there.

WeSmartly 10 November, 21
Online Courses
Free Chinese language learning

Chinese is a very popular language nowadays, that's whay we bring you a guide with tips so you can learn the language easily and for free. 

WeSmartly 28 September, 21
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