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Is registration mandatory?

Yes, registration is mandatory to find the right tutor. It’s absolutely free of cost. 


Register now!

How to sign up as a student on WeSmartly?

Signing up as a student on WeSmartly is very simple.


You can either sign up from Gmail or through Facebook directly. Or create an account in the traditional way.


- Go to this Sign Up Page 

- Enter your e-mail ID and will be delivered directly to your mailbox for activation.

- Fill up the form that follows and, voila, you are done.

Why should I signup?

If you wish to learn absolutely anything, WeSmartly is your answer. 


We have hundreds of subject categories and thousands of courses listed by all the Private Tutors, Trainers, Institutes.


When you inquire about a course, your requirement is matched with all the private tutors and based on your needs, we then push your enquiry to all our relevant private tutors and academies in your specified area, in a matter of seconds.


This helps you to know, contact and compare all the options you have and get learning in the most quick and effective way possible.


And don't forget, registration is absolutely free.

What should I write in my enquiry? 

A great profile gets you the right tutor, faster.


Your profile is how you inform tutors and academies about what you are really looking for, build trust, and help them decide that you are the right student for them. Having a profile that is straight to the point is a good way to improve your results.


All in all, answer all of the questions we ask, leave a custom message to your request to ensure you have the best chance at hearing from the top tier professionals in your area.

How do I change my profile picture?

To change your profile picture, you must:


- First log in to WeSmartly, i.e. enter with your username and password.


- Then click on your name at the top of the page and choose the option "Profile" which includes all the general information of your account on WeSmartly.


- There, in the "Profile Photo" section, you will find two options: you can use an avatar image (which is not ideal) or you can select a photo from your own device.

Turn on geolocation for a better experience. x