Professional Development
DELE exam

A DELE is the right diploma for you to prove your level of Spanish. If you want or need to take it, you should know all about it.

WeSmartly 17 May, 21
Third grade equations

If you're having trouble understanding and passing maths, you should learn how to solve third degree equations with us. we've got a step-by-step!

WeSmartly 14 May, 21
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Programming languages

Programming languages are widely used by computer scientists and programmers. If you are one of them, find out which are the best nowadays.

WeSmartly 12 May, 21
Professional Development
Jobs for students

There are many part-time jobs you can do as a student to start earning your own income. Learn more about them!

WeSmartly 11 May, 21
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How to make the best study outlines?

Outlines are a helpful study technique at any academic level. If you have an exam coming up, you can start studying with an outline.

WeSmartly 07 May, 21
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Tips for declaring private tutoring-in-spain

Dare to become self-employed and start declaring your private lessons to improve your working hours. With our advice, it will be easy for you.

WeSmartly 05 May, 21
How to write a correct text commentary for Spanish language?

Text commentaries are widely used as academic exercises at various levels of study. So today we will teach you ho -Description: Text commentaries are widely used as academic exercises at various level w to do them.

WeSmartly 03 May, 21
Solving first-degree equations

These equations may seem very difficult, but once you have the necessary steps, it becomes a piece of cake to solve them. So learn with us now.

WeSmartly 30 April, 21
Solving second-degree equations

With the right formula and explanation, second degree equations are simple to solve. So come in now and learn how to do it with us.

WeSmartly 26 April, 21
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Learn basic expressions in Chinese

Learning Chinese also means knowing the most common expressions for communicating with other Chinese people - learn them with us today!

WeSmartly 22 April, 21
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