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Every day, thousands of visitors from all over the world visit the WeSmartly portal to satisfy their self-development or professional training needs. Therefore, there is a great opportunity to show your brand both our national and international users.


Whether you're looking to integrate advertising in a way that generates a strong performance and response, or you're simply looking for ideas and inspiration, we believe we have the answer.



Run of Site Display & In-App Advertising


Our banner campaigns are prepared for maximum impact and optimized performance also for mobile devices. Starting with precise targeting, we optimize to a great extent and put a lot of emphasis on brand awareness.


Thanks to our advertising technology, our ads remain firmly in place as users navigate and move around our apps.


Email marketing Campaigns


Communicate with our customers by email: news, promotions, activities and personalized invitations in newsletters.


Our email marketing services includes:


Creativity & Concept Design: Creativity, design and generation of the content needed for the design of the piece.

Programming: Programming of the part in its respective format, with the necessary qualities for a correct reception of the mail.

Identification: Automatic response creation and identification of campaign queries to measure results.

Delivery: created from the WeSmartly email platform but delivered with your brand and content.

Results & Reporting: Analysis of the results studying in detail the amount of Open rate, clicks (CTR), forwardings, etc. Once the final analysis of the campaign is completed, we will then send you a report.


PUSH Notification Campaigns


You probably already know about push notifications: these are notifications that reach your mobile phone to inform you that you have a new email, or that an academy is promoting a new summer course.


Traditionally reserved for the mobile phone, push notifications are slowly arriving on the desktop. Still very little used by businesses, using push notifications in your digital marketing strategy is a valuable competitive advantage for your business.


"Push notifications receive on average a CTR of 30%. That is 15 times more than the average CTR of an email marketing campaign."

Video Advertising Campaigns


Using a video ad in the product description can increase product sales by 40%. By using video advertising on you will be giving our customers a more holistic picture whilst growing your brand.


Feature your Brand


With our featured ad service, your brand automatically goes to the top of the list. This will give you a greater competitive advantage. 


You can be featured by city, subject type or simply appear as a featured academy/company on the home page.


Why advertise?


- is the new AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology and platform for students to connect with the best tutors and learning centers.

- Created in two languages to promote yourself not only in your local language but also get international exposure

- It is a fast growing and much needed industry.

- Web and mobile platform that reaches all your potential customers.

- Advertising is a great way to ensure that our users see your business first and that your brand is the reference when they want think of education, training or simply register your learning center.



Advertising opportunities available:

- Banner ads that are published in

- Sponsored ads to be featured, which are published to all our customers by their page of choice or on the home page.

- Video ads to promote your brand more visually.

- Newsletters (email marketing) that can be sent to our clients with your brand and content.

- Mobile notification campaigns (PUSH): Do you have a new course? Do you want all our users to enroll in your university? Reach all our customers with a simple notification to their mobile devices. Direct and precise.

- Sponsorship of our events.


Our goal is to rejuvenate the traditional form of advertising. WeSmartly does this by combining these powerful solutions to create inspiring and original stories, relevant to the brand and the audience, that can entertain or help the user and provide a meaningful outcome for our providers.


We invite you to be part of our journey and tell your story, it's just the beginning... our audience awaits.


We look forward to welcoming you to be part of!

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