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Differences between American and British English

Although they are the same language, they are pronounced and written differently in different countries. Today we will tell you about the main differences so that you can learn to recognise them.

WeSmartly 11 June, 21
Create a study habit

The study habit will allow you to dramatically improve your academic performance. With our tips, you can achieve this quickly and easily.

WeSmartly 09 June, 21
Study techniques

There are several techniques you can use when studying. So today we will introduce you to some of the best ones so that you can always use them.

WeSmartly 07 June, 21
Importance of the family in education

The family plays a fundamental role in the academic performance of students at all levels. Today we will talk to you about the importance of this.

WeSmartly 04 June, 21
Professional Development
Professions of the future

The professions of the future will adapt to the technological advances of recent times. In today's article, we will talk about some of the most important ones.

WeSmartly 02 June, 21
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Tips to improve listening in Spanish

Learning to understand what others say in English is the hardest thing to do, but it's not impossible. With our tips you will find it very easy to improve your listening.

WeSmartly 31 May, 21
Keys to passing physics and chemistry

Both are complex subjects in which you will encounter novel terms and exercises to complete that can be frustrating, so we want to help you.

WeSmartly 26 May, 21

In academia, the subject of summaries is very recurrent, so you must learn how to make them in order to get a proper grade.

WeSmartly 24 May, 21
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Accents in Catalan

Accents are present in many languages and are a fundamental part of understanding a language when you are learning it. So today we are going to talk about accents in Catalan.

WeSmartly 21 May, 21
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Catalan pronunciation

It is important to know the main differences in pronunciation between Spanish and Catalan. With us you will learn them and improve your Catalan pronunciation.

WeSmartly 19 May, 21
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