Basic French vocabulary


Basic French vocabulary

French is a widely used language in the world. Current statistics reveal that French is spoken by about 280 million people. 

For this reason, it is important to take French courses, which will be useful for you to get along well in any of the French-speaking countries. At Wesmartly we have the ideal French teacher, with the best methodology to teach you vocabulary and pronunciation.

Currently, French is spoken in France by 77 million inhabitants. In addition, about 4 million people speak French in Belgium and 2 million in Switzerland. 

On the other hand, in Canada, 7 million people speak French; in Congo, about 35 million; in Algeria, about 11 million; Cameroon, about 10 million; Haiti, about 6 million. 

From the above, you will have realized how widespread French is in the world.

It is important to note that the United Nations (UN) has six official languages, French being one of them. 

Moreover, at UNESCO, French is one of the official languages. In addition, at the Red Cross, French is also an official language, as well as five others.

As far as literature is concerned, France has authors and works of great importance, for which it is worthwhile to take French classes, which will allow you to fully understand them in their original language.

How to learn French

French is a language that has an affinity with Spanish, due to the fact that both come from Latin. This affinity makes learning French more comfortable. 

However, French classes should not only have a native French teacher, but also an effective teaching methodology.

French classes focus on the student acquiring a basic vocabulary to facilitate memorization in the early stages of learning.

This approach avoids saturation, exhaustion and frustration of the students, leaving the rest of the vocabulary for subsequent levels.

All languages have basic expressions that are used very frequently and that clearly convey ideas, both in written and spoken language. At Wesmartly French classes take into account the most practical expressions, as well as the use of correct pronunciation.

In order to test your learning, we carry out a detailed preparation of exams, which we apply throughout the French courses we teach, at the different levels of instruction.

Where to learn French

The traditional method to learn any language was to hire a teacher to give classes in person. 

On the other hand, others have learned a language by moving and living directly with the people of each country. However, this alternative is very costly in terms of economic resources and time.

Fortunately, with today's technological resources you will be able to take French courses online, without leaving your home and with high quality standards. With online French classes you will be able to learn without fear of contagion in these times of pandemic.

With our online French courses you will be able to learn this language from excellent teachers, click here to find the best tutors!

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