Guide Back to School


Simple guide to back to school

September is here and with it back to school so parents, students and tutors alike are preparing to tackle another school year. It is a busy and nervous time for many. 

Private Tutors need to prepare and organize their classes for a new period of classes in pandemic times and families also organize everything to achieve conciliation and motivation to children. 


For everyone, going back to school means an important change, as we have to go back to the routine, children have to go back to school and for parents there are also new obligations. 


Tips for back to school

One of the most important things to spend time on is motivating children. For many children it can be difficult to change routines and activities. 


Although for many children the first day of school is nerve-wracking and can also be motivating, others feel overwhelmed and fearful of the changes that lie ahead. For this reason, motivating children is very important when they go back to school


Here are some tips to make these moments enjoyable for everyone. 


1. Organize your return in time.


One way to help your little ones have a fun addition is to organize everything for the return trip. Plan the day of the return and talk to them about the day they will go back to school and how they need to prepare everything such as backpacks, supplies, etc.

2. Offer them support from the start.

If the children find it difficult to pick up the pace again, you can opt for a private tutor. A private tutor can be a way to help children reinforce their studies and adopt a study routine after the holiday period. 

On the WeSmartly platform you can find tutor´s at different levels and subjects that can help you find the perfect one for your children.

3. Offer compensation.

Especially in the first days of the course you can offer them activities and organize new fun tasks on the weekends or in moments of relaxation. This will motivate the children and make it easier for them to join in. 



Tips for tutors  and families 

In addition to the necessary motivation for the children, it is necessary that both tutors and parents also adapt to this important change of routine. Tutors will need to organize new tasks and look for new resources in order to innovate in the development of classes. 


The tutor´s support resources will be a way to help tutors find new activities and ideas for developing their lessons. 

It is important to help the tutors to motivate the children as well. It is important to keep in mind that if children are motivated it will be much easier for parents and private tutors. 


With these simple tips, getting back into the classroom will surely be much easier for tutors, students and parents. 


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