Physics classes for kids

Physics classes, when given passionately is one of the most fun subjects out there.

WeSmartly 10 November, 21
Guide Back to School

Going back to school is a major change, as you have to get back to the routine after a long holidays, so we offer you some tips to make the return easier. 

WeSmartly 21 September, 21
Gamification: the latest teaching and learning strategy

With gamification you will be able to significantly improve your teaching strategies. Using technology and games in favour of the classroom is really impressive.

WeSmartly 12 July, 21
Selectividad second chance exams

With our advice you will be able to prepare yourself in the best possible way to take your university entrance exams and get into your dream university.

WeSmartly 28 June, 21
Apps to study

Study Apps are ideal to avoid distractions during study time so you can make the most of it and improve your academic performance.

WeSmartly 23 June, 21
Differences between Latin American Spanish and Spanish from Spain

The way the same language is spoken in both regions changes in several aspects. Today we will talk about their main differences.

WeSmartly 16 June, 21
Create a study habit

The study habit will allow you to dramatically improve your academic performance. With our tips, you can achieve this quickly and easily.

WeSmartly 09 June, 21
Study techniques

There are several techniques you can use when studying. So today we will introduce you to some of the best ones so that you can always use them.

WeSmartly 07 June, 21
Importance of the family in education

The family plays a fundamental role in the academic performance of students at all levels. Today we will talk to you about the importance of this.

WeSmartly 04 June, 21
Keys to passing physics and chemistry

Both are complex subjects in which you will encounter novel terms and exercises to complete that can be frustrating, so we want to help you.

WeSmartly 26 May, 21
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