American encryption chord types


American encryption chord types

Music is one of the most recognised arts in the world. No matter what country you live in, you are sure to have artistic examples of art from your region. Music is that art that is capable of touching everyone's heart without the need to understand a particular language. Therefore, if you are interested in learning about music, you should know about the American cipher chord types.

What is the American cipher?

In the world of music, when we want to learn how to play a specific melody, we have to read sheet music. These are written according to the musical notes used to create the song. This is difficult for some people to understand, especially when they are just starting to learn music.

This is why in the 20th century the American cipher, known to many as the Anglo-Saxon cipher, was created. It is the most widely used musical notation system in the world. This is because it is a tool that uses certain letters of the alphabet for the representation of musical notes and chords.

The intention of this is to facilitate the reading of musical scores when performing the score on any musical instrument. Since the invention of the American cipher, it has been used all over the world as the main notation system. It is so simple to use and so effective for any type of instrument.

The American cipher in musical notes

Now, this notation system, as we indicated earlier, is used for both musical notes and chords. Let us begin by talking about the way in which American notation is used for the representation of musical notes.

Let us remember that the musical notes are La, Si, Do, Re, Mi, Fa y Sol. Well, the American cipher represents each of these musical notes with letters belonging to the alphabet. So, the American cipher for the musical notes is as follows:

·         La: A

·         Si: B

·         Do: C

·         Re: D

·         Mi: E

·         Fa: F

·         Sol: G

As you can see, the order of the letters of the alphabet is maintained, this is what helps musicians to remember the musical notes according to each of the letters that represent them. That is why, since the creation of this American cipher, the way music is understood and performed has changed radically.

What are the types of chords?

In order to create harmonious melodies with musical notes, chords must be used. Therefore, in order to make it easier to understand each of the known chords, the American cipher has certain letters and combinations of letters that represent them.

It is important to memorise what the letters, numbers and combinations of the American cipher mean at all times. This is precisely what allows people to play a melody on any musical instrument. So, to learn about the American cipher chord types we will list them below:

·         m: A minor chord.

·         aug: An augmented chord.

·         dim: A diminished chord.

·         M7: A major seventh chord.

·         7: A major chord with a minor seventh.

·         13: A dominant chord with a treble chord.

·         M13: A major seventh chord with a straight line.

·         m7b5 (ø): A semi-diminished chord.

·         M9: A chord with a major seventh and a ninth.

·         9: A dominant chord with a ninth.

You must bear in mind that, when reading the score, and you come across a letter representing a single musical note, it means that you must interpret the chord of that note as major at all times. Otherwise, when any other changes need to be made, the chords listed above should always appear.

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