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  • Rate per hour: 10 €
  • Duration: 60
  • Type: Online

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Search engine marketing is a part of internet marketing, and it has an important place in positioning your website online and reaching online consumers. The focus of this course will be paid reach used in search engine marketing, and how to organize campaigns using advertising programs. However, free reach will also be mentioned, as it does make up a part of search engine marketing in general. Search engine optimization is a comprehensive topic, which is why it will be covered in a separate course in more details.

Starting with explanation on what search engines are, and how they work, this course will slowly introduce you to the topic of search engine marketing, where search engines play an important role. You will find out about two major program used for online advertising in search engines, Google AdWords and Bing, and how those can be used to improve your business.

Google AdWords is the most popular program used for search engine ads, but it is a rather complex system, so it is essential to fully understand its structure and its potential, to be able to make the most out of it. The course will first present different types of campaigns available in search engine advertising, and how each of them can help you with different promotional tasks. You will then learn how to set up a Google AdWords account, which includes account accessing, preferences, billing settings, etc. as well as the setting for linked accounts, allowing you to link other Google services, such as Google Analytics and Google AdWords to obtain an even more detailed analysis of your campaign performance.



Basic Digital Marketing experience but not essential

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