Learn Spanish A1
This course is designed for 1 month of studying. It includes 20 lessons with all the basic knowledge that will help you to speak, read, write, and und
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  • Cost: 25 €
  • Duration: 30
  • Type: Online

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Our course includes 20 lessons.

Each lesson has specific topics to focus on.

1st lesson:

  • Alphabet
  • Phonetics of letters(vowels, consonants, mixed sounds)
  • Special cases 
  • Most used phrases
  • How to introduce yourself
  • Responses to “How are you?”
  • Numbers from 0 to 10

2nd lesson:

  • Personal pronouns
  • The verb SER
  • Identification of genders & quantity
  • Articles (determined & undetermined)

3rd lesson:

  • Numbers (from 10 to 40)
  • The verb ESTAR
  • Adjectives (size, shape, colors)
  • The difference between SER/ESTAR

4th lesson:

  • Present Simple (regular verbs)
  • Time markers
  • The conjugation of verbs

5th lesson:

  • Present Simple (top 5 irregular verbs)
  • Possessive determiners

6th lesson:

  • Prepositions (a, en, de)
  • Conjunctions (y, pero, o)
  • Ordinal numbers

7th lesson:

  • Possessive pronouns 2 part
  • Hay vs Estar
  • Muy vs Mucho

8th lesson:

  • Irregular verbs in the first person
  • Verb GUSTAR and more verbs with the same structure

9th lesson:

  • Demonstrative pronouns
  • The change in verbs from

10th lesson:

  • Comparatives and Superlative
  • How to make questions?

11th lesson:

  • Por y Para
  • Personal pronouns with a direct object
  • Ordinal numbers

12th lesson:

  • Reflexive verbs

13th lesson:

  • The causal and final sentences

14th lesson:

 - Ir a + infinitivo

- Estar + gerundio

What will students learn in our course?

- Learn to greet in Spanish, give thanks

- Give a talk about yourself in 3-4 phrases

- Learn to read basic sentences

- Learn to listen to short sentences

- Learn basic vocabulary, mostly simple nouns, verbs, pronouns, adjectives, pronouns


Are there any course requirements?

- No. This course is only for Beginner Spanish learners for work, studies or hobbies.



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