How do you pick the best school?


More and more parents are seeking the help of a private tutor to complete their children's educational activity. Private lessons are the perfect reinforcement to settle the knowledge acquired during the school day.


With the new parameters of mobility it becomes more important than ever to have the support of a private tutor who can give classes online. With these classes students learn to focus on the activity they are doing without the distractions of face-to-face classes.

The work of the private tutor increases their performance when the student goes to a school with the appropriate characteristics for their development and training. Let's see what the most important aspects are when choosing a school for our children.



We must appreciate that our children will be spending many hours a day at their school. The facilities are a very important aspect when choosing a school. Its maintenance and cleanliness are essential, but we must also look at the learning tools they have.

The society in which children will live is increasingly digital. It is important that the school has the latest technology to adapt students to this new form of organization.


Educational project

The first years of life are fundamental to develop the personality of the children. When choosing a school, it is necessary to find out about its strategy for transmitting knowledge and what learning methods are used.

It is advisable to choose a school that offers a comprehensive education. In addition to the general curriculum, it is good for students to receive proper music, language and sports training.



The distance from the school to the habitual residence is key to the choice of a school. This distance will determine whether transportation must be used or whether work schedules are compatible with the time of arrival and departure of the school to pick up the children.


Dining room and extracurricular activities

Depending on the work activity of parents and guardians, it will be necessary for children to stay in the dining room. We must know if the centre has this service and which are the providers and the menu they design for an adequate feeding.

The offer of extracurricular activities is very important for the student to develop other capacities and skills. It is good to know what activities the school carries out to see if they fit our preferences and those of our children.



The experience of other parents can give us valuable information about a school. If possible, we recommend a visit to the school to see what the classrooms, the facilities and the atmosphere are like. The environment in which the children live can be a key factor in achieving educational success.



The modern world is a globalized space where personal and work relationships are carried out between people of different cultures and languages. During the first years of life we are more receptive to learn and assimilate other languages. A school with a complete offer in languages can assure the working future of its students.


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