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The education sector has undergone significant changes in recent times. This has been due to the crisis situation that has arisen due to the Covid-19.


The current pandemic situation has led to a major change in the way certain activities are dealt with. One of these changes has been the way in which education is provided. A large part of the training that has been given in training centres, schools and universities has had to be redirected towards online education or e-learning.


This increase in online training and in the demand for online training has led to the appearance of many needs in companies and institutions. The work of teachers/ Private tutors has changed to focus on an online education offer where the teacher-student relationship takes place in a different way.


Faced with this situation of change WeSmartly arises to respond to these new needs. It is a platform that aims to put trainers, teachers, private tutors or training centres in contact with companies and individuals.


Through the platform people from all over the world, individuals can access the same services.



Benefits of Wesmartly

This platform offers many valuable services to individuals and companies that can provide a solution to the new situation we find ourselves in. These services are anti-Covid as they allow teachers/ private tutors and students to establish direct contact digitally with a free registration process.


Access to a wide range of training

Professionals and individuals who access this platform can find training in a wide range of thematic areas. On the one hand, teachers/private tutors can offer their training for individuals or companies and, on the other hand, training centres or academies can also upload their training, both online or In-Person, offer to the platform.


Whether in free office, personal trainers or English conversation you can find the contents you need for your private classes and for your training.


More business for training centres and academies

For training centres or academies, having a presence in this portal is fundamental to improving their sales, as they can have access to a large volume of students, both individuals and companies, who are looking for digital education and are looking to buy online courses. In this way, training for companies gains strength on this platform and is an opportunity for these training centres to gain more RoI.


Job opportunities for teachers and private tutors

Teachers and private tutors can find job opportunities on this platform where they can upload their courses and present their services for registered users to apply for. This is therefore an opportunity to find new clients and students to train and teach.


These are some of the advantages that you can find in this portal where all the agents that can be involved in training are gathered. In addition, if companies are looking for corporate training, they can submit their request and be contacted by training companies. Thus, saving them time and money.


Undoubtedly, it is a very complete platform that will facilitate the process of adaptation to the digital age in times of Covid.



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